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Chicago songwriter Emma Butterworth is carving a niche for herself in the American indie scene with her uniquely soulful brand of indie-leaning folk rock. A keen storyteller and careful lyricist, she cuts straight to the heart of life’s big questions, examining moments of love, loss, growth, and self-acceptance with characteristic wit and wisdom. Her cheeky stage presence reveals a curious mind and a penchant for deeply melancholic songs, while her lush vocals have been compared to iconic acts like Brandi Carlile and The Head and the Heart. There’s a casual power when Butterworth sings that feels both practiced and raw: agile, occasionally vulnerable, but always sure—hers is a voice you’d follow in an emergency. The root of that strength lies in her own, joyful sense of self, which infuses even her most somber ballads with a buoyant, silver-lined charm. Or, as explained in the eponymous track from her forthcoming album, Fool’s Gold: “People say I’m lost without sweet words from a man, / but I never had trouble knowing just who I am.” 



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